Pulp art is lurid, smutty, and salacious.  What’s not to like?

My covers are creative inventions, but I’m delighted some viewers have mistaken them for the real thing.

The fact that these books read today as overblown camp or offensive dreck is an indication of how far we’ve come.  And yet I find myself drawn to reclaiming pulp art’s busty babes; sex may have been their only source of power, but what delicious domination it was....

Pulps Gallery



Bridge Of No Return

Between the Covers

An extension of the Pulp novel covers, these prints explore the wanton women and gutsy men, the mid-century modern objects, and the iconic scenes that haunt our imagination from the era of noir -- when Kerouac and Ginsberg roamed North Beach, the Fillmore sizzled with John Coltrane and Billie Holiday, and Mission Street's Miracle Mile  boasted the swankiest haberdasheries in town...

Between the Covers Gallery

Queer Words

Queer words are, in a sense, the fruits of resistance. My prints have fun playing with their multiple meanings. The collection is a bouquet to queer fabulousness...

Queer Words Gallery



Here you’ll find a variety of prints devoted to voluptuous women. Vamps with lamps, beautiful asses, and lots of lingerie…

Vamps Gallery

Other Works

This gallery includes nature prints, interiors, and other themes...

Other Works Gallery