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Team Building Workshops

Take your group off site to build camaraderie, boost moral, and reduce stress.  

Everyone heads home with original art they've created by hand and printed on t-shirts as well as paper!  

Nathan and LOB Teambuilding event Group
What an amazing day: Katie helped everyone create beautiful prints, regardless of their experience. And seeing how excited the team was when each print came off the press made it feel like we were all rooting for each other. Team building in every sense of the phrase.  ~ Nathan, Lob

Printmaking is a fantastic collision of “making art” and “doing fun things with your hands.”  

You’ll start with a photograph, a picture you’ve drawn, or an image you’ve found on the web.  After transferring the image to smooth linoleum you’ll carve it out, creating a “plate” similar to a rubber stamp.  You can print your image over and over, in a variety of ways, on paper and fabric – and take it home to print some more.


Printmaking is a natural for team building.  Carving a print occupies the hands while freeing the mind, so you enjoy each another’s company as you create.  Printmakers share equipment, so collaboration is an integral part of the process.  And printmaking is incredibly fun and easy to learn.  I offer dynamic, clear, and concise instruction so you can jump in together quickly.  No drawing skills or previous experience required.        


You’ll each carve an original linocut print of your own design and create an edition of six or more prints,

plus a custom t-shirt.  And our "group build" is based on the surrealist “exquisite corpse” technique.

All our team had a great time and really enjoyed your class. Your enthusiasm for printing is infectious; you are an excellent teacher!  The advice, attention and encouragement you gave to each of us was fantastic!  If I had an art teacher like you when I was growing up, I would have been a lot less terrified of “doing art.”

Philippa Norman, Kenkockety Biotech. 

On behalf of the entire team I wanted to thank you for a fantastic team-building experience yesterday. Your deep knowledge and infinite patience made it a truly great day.  I think everyone was truly inspired which was reflected in the work produced.  It was fantastic to see the personalities come out given the same set of tools!   Jacqui A. 

Nathan and LOB teambuilding ebent workin

Katie’s tutelage combined with the printmaking medium gets you a workshop where any skill level can create something they’re proud of in under 5 hours. Even with 8 students, she can figure out each student’s skill, temperament, and personal needs quickly and adapt her teaching style. Unlike other workshops I’ve been in, everyone was engaged for the entire time and proud of what they ended up with.- Abhik, Ashby. 


Workshop includes:

1. Five glorious hours of team-building creative play.

2.  All supplies, including t-shirts for each team member to custom print their image.

3.  Lunch catered by La Fromagerie.  

4. Camaraderie, guaranteed!

Workshops can accommodate 5 to 12 people.

For More Info or to Schedule Team Building Workshop


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