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My printmaking classes aim to engage, inspire, and revitalize.

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I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed your class. I practically floated out of there on a cloud it was so exhilarating and inspiring and fun. Not a leaf or blade of grass is safe right now as I eye it with greedy intentions to squeeze through a print press!  Your teaching was fabulous — just enough information to get us going and then providing such an encouraging (and clean!) environment to work in. I’ve been telling friends…


I’ve met many people who are truly gifted and inspired talents… but lousy teachers.  I’ve met many people who are decent teachers but lacking creative firepower.  So, I know enough to understand that you are the rarest and most wonderful of all the teaching species – a creative genius with teaching powers to match.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your class, your spirit, your enthusiasm, your patience, your calm, your cackle, your nutty snacks… all of it.


You’re an awesome teacher — I learned more from you tonight than I have from previous teachers in weeks of class. I can’t wait to learn more. I’m trying to “figure out what to do with my life,” but I can already tell that having a creative outlet like your class is going to help.


I really appreciate everything you bring to your classes: your genuine warmth, your sensitivity to different student needs, your patience with those of us that need to learn something twenty times before it sticks, your generosity, your obvious passion for your art and its craft…. You are an exceptional teacher.


Your teaching style is so warm and engaging.  You have the perfect mix of being supportive and encouraging as well as giving easy-to-understand, detailed and appropriate instructions.  You obviously have great intuition about people as well as art and I feel lucky to be learning from you.


Katie is one of the best art teachers I have had the pleasure to learn from. Given I grew up surrounded by art and artists this is no small compliment. She is caring compassionate and yet does not lack in expertise and creative solutions for all kinds of challenging technical questions. Thank you Katie for rekindling the creative process in me. Highly recommended for art seekers of all levels.


Thank you so much for what you do and do so well – with the perfect mixture of inspiration, organization, humour, and encouragement.


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