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Chrysalis offers dynamic, reasonably priced printmaking classes for experienced printmakers as well as people who don’t think of themselves as artists — until they start producing gorgeous prints.

My illustrated noir mystery serves as a revelatory secret history of San Francisco’s underground during the Dark Ages of Queerdom: the 1950s. “Vivid and dark…” Lambda Literary Award Winner!


QAP is devoted to forging sturdy relationships between LGBTQI people and our ancestors. Using history as a linchpin, we build community by providing young Queer adults free workshops in printmaking and Queer history.

Pulp art is lurid, smutty, and salacious. What’s not to like? You’ll also find a sumptuous collection of Queer Words, Vamps, Beautiful Asses, and more in these galleries of prints.

What I've been thinking about lately...

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