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Drawing Class Supplies


Some of these things you may already have – no need to order if you have something similar.

** On look for the day's discount code for a discount and free shipping. *  


1.   Expo Dry-Erase Markers, Black, Ultra Fine Tip, Set of 4, $3.88: Item 21325-1249


2.   Sharpie Fine Point Marker, Black, 1, $1.01: Item 21316-2001


3.   Strathmore 200 Series Sketch Pad - 11'' x 14'', Wire Bound, Side, 100 Sheets, $8.07: Item 10399-1005

Any 11x14 drawing pad will do, but spiral bound is helpful.


4.  TWO Prismacolor Drawing Pencils - 2B, Graphite, $1.61 x 2 pencils = $3.22: Item 20406-2021

Any drawing pencils are fine, but softer is helpful (2B).


5.  Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser, $1.75: Item 21500-0000 

Any good-sized white eraser will do (yes, erasing is allowed!).


6.   Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener, $5.60: Item 21422-1002

Any pencil sharpener will do.

7.  General Kimberly’s Graphite Sticks, Assorted, $3.80: Item 22920-2009

8.  TWO Small Binder Clips, $1.50: Item 57330-4034

If you already have two, no need to order more!

9.   Blick Aluminum Ruler, 12 Inch, $2.15: Item 55430-1012

Maybe everyone has a ruler hanging around, but if you don’t…you’ll need one!


10.  Derwent Fine Art Pencil Pack, 8.79: Item 22040-1060

Optional: you won’t need these for class, but you may need a little something to bring your order up to the minimum for free shipping, and these will be fun to play with! 


A few paper towels or napkins.

Some masking tape (other tape in a pinch).

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